Our Model & Culture

We connect investment grade businesses with professional investment capital (Equity and/or Debt) – through qualified introductions. In connecting your need with a potential solution we must typically provide capital advisory services along the way. 9 out of 10 times we find that inherent – and often hidden – weaknesses or soft spots in a team, a product, or a market thesis, require us to roll our sleeves up, and dig deeper. We have yet to see a single deal fund without tough questions being answered and deep requirements being met. What a professional investor seeks may be diametrically opposed to the reality you can bring. If so, we will tell you so, point blank, then suggest a path forward. Working as an intermediary affords us the privileged perspectives of both sides to the negotiations table – and a potential transaction. Whether you are a seasoned fundraiser or not, raising business capital from a sell-side perspective is very hard and time consuming work, regardless of operating stage. Hiring a professional funding assignment partner can therefore be the single smartest choice you ever make as a business owner.

If we believe in the merit of your raise, we will ask to be hired and will typically provide assistance with mid- to long-term (3-6-12mo) funding assignments and mandates, spanning all operating stages from pre- to post-revenue. Our partners have more than 150 years of experience in the aggregate, from founding, fund raising for, capitalizing, operating and growing companies across multiple sectors. We believe academic study and specialization to be important in fast moving global markets, but theoretical insight without practical experience is a very dull knife. Ivy League or not, “spreadsheet jockeys” straight out of school rarely get deals done. Rather, skilled pathfinders and hunters – with current knowledge of terrain – do. All of our employees therefore have deep entrepreneurial and business administrative backgrounds spanning decades before joining the firm, affording true to the world perspectives on your search for business capital. Our empirical base and hunter’s mentality help our partners – be it sell- or buy-side – find “true north” in today’s challenged macro-economic climate.

Like our deep networks of capital partners on the buy-side of the market (Private Equity groups, Venture Capital firms, Family Offices, High Net Worth Individuals and many more): we are always looking to partner with strong teams managing differentiated products in big markets!

For further inquiries on our retainer structures and consulting agreements – please contact us at info at swcpllc dot com – or call 512-267-1167