About Us

SouthWind Capital Partners is an established boutique investment bank in Austin, Texas, operated by seasoned partners with more than 150 years of experience in the aggregate.

We pride ourselves on sourcing, vetting and representing direct clientele across a handful of sectors, and see ourselves as deep generalists of the multi-faceted investment banking craft. Our human resources are comprised of seasoned investment bankers, entrepreneurs, business operators, CPAs and counsel; all whom bring heavy sector, vertical & sub-market, competencies to respective stations. SouthWind partners and associates have held senior executive positions for incumbents and startups alike, spanning Lehman Brothers, Ernst & Young, Dun & Bradstreet, Almon Alexander, the Antarctica Insurance Agency – and many other regional and national level financial services firms.

Our standards are high and we pride ourselves on hard work and straight talk, the Texan way. We put no emphasis on shallow decorum for decorum’s sake. Our fees are not engineered to cover expensive offices in “gateway markets”, Italian silk suits or Swiss watches; but to cover earnest labor in diligence and representation for best in class clientele. We might wear jeans and boots to work, and our communications style is respectful, direct and earnest, with a goal of “getting business done”. We maintain two offices in Austin, one a working back-end office in the quiet suburb of Lago Vista, the other a representational office in the heart of Texas, on Austin’s busy Lavaca Street.

For further inquiries on our retainer structures and consulting agreements – please contact us at info at swcpllc dot com – or call 512-267-1167